Our Story

6 years ago while creating some art installations for a music festival in Vermont,  I made my first giant peace sign out of pin wheels on the side of the mountain. Through this festival, I met my now fiancé, Dave, who was also working there to build out the festival. Fast forward a few years and we're still creating peace together in that very same way. Dave and I have been spreading peace through our 10' peace sign installation hanging on the front of our building in Chelsea, NYC.  Seasonally, we come up with new designs to inspire and bring our community together. Seeing how much impact our installation has had made us think about how we could spread this positive energy even further.  

Hatch Creative Studio, my primary company, where I have designed weddings, created some incredible experiences for brands and also served as my personal makers space has provided me with a unique opportunity to reach so many people through design.  Through all our events, my team and I were driven to inspire happiness, create connection and spark curiosity. 

Hatch General Store is a way for us to keep the good vibes going, but for everyone, not just our event clients. We have hand crafted and curated a collection of some of our favorite goodies to bring more light to your lives.

  Looking forward to spreading more peace and love with you!